Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's End Vivisection in New Jersey

Michael Budkie, exec director of Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) gave a brilliant presentation at the Community Church of Keyport on October 5th as part of their "Life in the Lab: Hidden Truth about Animal Experiments" speaking tour. See more on the tour:

Michael captivated the audience as he spoke about the types of experiments performed on animals, the funding sources, the waste, fraud, and abuse. He explained not only how vivisection harms animals, but how it translates to an incalculable cost to humans as well.

One example is how government spends about $50-60 million each year on addicting animals to drugs, which yields nothing useful to human drug addicts. Imagine how many addicts could be helped if that same $50-60 million were available to them in the form of resources, medical care, educational materials, drug rehab, etc.

Michael talked about how everyone can get more involved in this issue. You don't need to be a scientist to understand some basic principles. Human physiology is quite different from other species.

Laurie, who attend the presentation wrote the following:

"Just when you think you know what is going on behind closed doors, trust me, you do not have a clue. The amount of cruelty and neglect is incredible. Ultimately for no reason other than to make money. Michael indicated that researchers on one hand claim that non-humane primates are just like us, therefore justifying the research. Yet on the other hand they say that non-humane primates are not like us, and do not feel pain or distress, justifying the agonizing experiments. Total contradiction!!!!! After sitting and listening to this unbelievable speaker you realize that non-humane primates are just like us when it comes to pain and suffering (whether mental or physical), and yet are not like us since they do not share the same physiological makeup , therefore, rendering experiments virtually useless. So much more was discussed, and so much more must be said on this subject. If you feel as I do that this must be stopped, I am asking everyone to get involved because we can make a difference."

Laurie is right. Making the commitment to get more involved is the first step to ending these atrocities.

1. Please visit our website to learn more about the basics and how vivisection has delayed advancements in the top disease categories:

2. Learn more about the issues. Michael's website has a wealth of information, links, resources, reports, etc. Please visit:

3. Read the reports online about experiments taking place near you:

4. Take information from the reports and send to the media. Here's a list of NJ media:

5. There is no doubt that this information is painful to read, but in addition to being upset, we urge you to take action. Protest, rally, and educate everyone else you know:
National Primate Liberation Week
(October 16th - October 24th, 2010

Please join Friends of Animals United New Jersey ( and Animal Protection League of New Jersey (

When: Friday, October 22nd, 2010 (Note: It's important to leaflet when they are present.)
Time: 2:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Where: UMDNJ Medical/Dental School, 185 S Orange Avenue, Newark, NJ 07101

PLEASE DO NOT park in the PathMark parking lot on Bergen St, across from the UMDNJ! We've learned that from 8am to 4pm on weekdays, this parking lot is monitored by PathMark employees, vigilant for people parking there and then walking across to the UMDNJ. Activists parking there and walking across Bergen St to join the protest MAY BE ticketed/towed at the owner's expense!

THERE IS, however, metered and unmetered parking all along this section of Bergen St, close to where it intersects w/ S. Orange Ave. On this part of Bergen St, there is also a Rite Aid, an IHOP and a KFC, all with ample parking. From any of these locations, you'll walk about half a block up Bergen to where it intersects w/ S.Orange Ave, then turn left onto S.Orange Ave, where we'll be gathered about 1/2 a block down on the left hand side (roughly where S. Orange intersects with Bruce St - in front of the facility where the actual animal testing is done). Please check the following link for a clear overview of the local layout:

Option B for parking: There is an actual multi-level parking garage at the intersection of S. Orange and Bergen St, annexed to the UMDNJ facility itself. A HUGE sign for this parking garage at 160 Bergen St says P2 PARKING - that's it! This is more secure, obviously, than street parking, but there is a fee: $3.25 pays up to 2 hours/ $7.50 pays up to 12 hours in the parking garage. For those showing up after 4, $3.25 should be enough, since we'll be finishing at 6pm. If there are any additional questions about parking, please call (732) 693-9044 or email